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Posted on: 14-Jul-2016
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Posted on: 14-Jul-2016
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Introducing new porn comic categories

Posted on: 14-Apr-2016 So, here we go.
As a porn comic fan I know that there are many who have certain fetishes when it comes to porn. And so we decided to introduce a couple of porn comics categories that narrow down some fetishes.

Penetration with big penis - If you have a fetish where tight pussy or ass gets penetrated by super big dick then you should check out. Link:

Short skirt - another awesome fetish porn comic category which features comics where girls wear short skirts and either fuck while wearing them or take them off during porn comic. Link:

Creampie comics - that's one of the things I had big fetish in porn videos, creampie. When a man or shemale releases the cum inside woman's pussy or ass. That's got to be hot. Link:

Sucking while fucking - that's when a girl is sucking dick while another dick is fucking her pussy or ass. This scene often appears in threesome and double penetration porn comics. Link:

Fucking after cumshot - that's when a man continues to have sex with a woman after he already came. I mean, it's just so kinky when a man cums in woman's face or cums on her tits and then goes back to fucking her. Link:

So, check them out, I hope you like it.

Memberinos post like crazy

Posted on: 29-Mar-2016 Hello world and hello all members. Long time ago, many people flooded and posted seriously useless junk. As a result we had to reduce the number of allowed submissions per member per day. But from today the cap is lifted and removed. Post away. Waiting for great content. Thank you.

Light website version is on the way

Posted on: 14-Mar-2016 Dear users and members. Since the last theme update many complained that website is taking too long to load.
Well our chicken began to work on super light version of the site. When finished people will able to switch between themes with one click.
Basically we took the idea from tumblr, popular blogging platform and adopted it to svscomics. I think the porn comics look pretty good in this design, and hell it will look pretty good on mobile devices too i think.
Anyway here is a sneak pic of new light version template for svscomics .

Why porn comics are better than porn videos

Posted on: 11-Mar-2016 Let me tell you a small idea of mine as to why porn comics, including hentai & 3d comics are better than porn videos. This is not some study, just an idea that is not backed by anything apart from few people with the same opinion on the matter.

Why porn comics are better?

First of all it's reading. You read the freaking comics. Since we were little, parents always forced us to read, so now we are, and that's the first point as to why porn comics are better than porn videos.

Second is fantasy. When we read comics our fantasy works in mysterious ways and makes us imagine and experience different feelings when we read them. In porn videos, most people see and feel the same thing when they watch video. Let me just make an example. When I read hentai comics, especially those which have sexy milfs, I imagine all the sexy women I saw on the street. But when I watch porn video with MILFS all I see is this one MILF....boooooooring.

Third part is the amount. From erotic to damn right hardcore, porn comics have all sorts of genres, unlike in porn videos. Yes, yes you might be saying...but porn videos have lots of categories. And yes they do, but porn comics have way more. I mean every artist who draws porn comics or makes them in 3D can be put in a category of their own, and that's why porn comics have way more choice.

Fourth and final part are the parodies. Porn videos made porn film parodies on all the popular films, and damn those films are just bland, boring and gray. Especially when the cast in porn movies looks nothing alike to main heroes from films. In porn comics parodies those heroes look exactly alike. And to give another plus to this fourth point are the hundreds of anime turned into hentai, I mean wow, that's just blazzing awesome.

So thanks to these 4 points I can say that porn comics are way better than porn videos.

New Milftoon porn comic The Brandsons

Posted on: 10-Mar-2016 Yet another hot porn comic that made the internet explode from milftoon called The Brandsons.
In this porn comic so far there are three main characters:
Mother - Name: Unknown
Son - Name: Rick
Daughter - Name: Kylie

The storyline:
Mother is sunbathing by the pool with the top off, when Rick suddenly runs up to her and says that his sister (Kylie) is looking for him and basically wants to kick the shit out of him. Mother does all she can to hide her son from bad sister Kylie. Anyway not sure where this comic is going to, but it's definitely going to be a blast.

Welcome to SVSComics

Posted on: 29-Feb-2016 Welcome everyone to SVSComics blog. Here you will find some really interesting blog posts about mainly about porn comics and hentai comics. I hope you enjoy our website. To visit most popular porn comic categories, click on CATEGORIES link above, and get fapping ))))
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