Mario is Missing Peachs Untold Tale Version 3.20 Adult PC Game.

- NEW: Roy Boss (Koopaling) scene made by Blargh! Already in the gallery!
- NEW: The princess will be in a lewd pose if she is a nymph while resting (idle). Pose made by Biles.
- NEW: 'Big green blob' creature from Super Mario World. He moves from right to left. You need to avoid it. If it touches you, it's expected to have a scene where she will be inside him and the 'peristaltic' walls will make her cum. For now, no scenes yet. He will just harm you. You can see them in Ghost Castle (world 3) and in the Grey Castle of World 7 (level 7-6).
- ADDED "The gallery scenes for his creature was been UNLOCKED!" message if you got all of this creature scenes.
- Improvement/revamp of 'grey brick' textures (like in 1-6, 2-4 and 7-6 levels). Thank you Biles for the new textures!
- Revamp of 'Mario Keeps' (those brown castles in the beginning/end of certain levels) by Biles! Adjusted heights and placement in all levels that have them.
- Added 'Controls-QWERTY' text (also for the other modes) in the pause screen, in order to alert the player of the current chosen keyboard region.
- Rule change: the princess wont masturbate automatically if she is a nymph anymore, as this can be annoying sometimes. If you want her to be masturbating more, just do it (press masturbation key by yourself).
- Rule change: the princess will be able to stomp 'uncle goombas', goombario and other goomba races (except the gritty goombas and those with the spike helmets). If I make a friendly goomba IMPORTANT in a given level in the future (so the princess cant stomp him), then a message will inform she cant stomp that special goomba. Also, in this case, that goomba WONT fuck her automatically if she is horny or a nymph.
- BUG FIX: if you keep walking right or left in the worldmap while restrained (chained), then release the button, players were hearing 'tump' sounds (like she was still walking), then she stops and we couldnt move her anymore (tech info: canMove being FALSE inadvertedly).
- BUG FIX: if you keep walking or running right or left, then enter in a trunk door (like by pressing UP or clicking in the button) in levels like 4-1 and 4-2, the princess was locked in the same pose (e.g. walking all the time) without entering the door (tech info: old code in trunkBackWarp, like usage of interactiveButtonPressed directly).
- BUG FIX: after certain gameovers, in a Bowser scene, a weird blue and black screen appeared and the player could not move the princess anymore.
- Glitch Fix: In the last bobomb scene, Peach was disappearing (tech info: remove 'parent' interfering with deadCode)
- Glitch Fix: The boss bass (red giant fish) was not 'floating' anymore (since the AS3 conversion). He was just 'flowing left or right', without any buyoancy.
- Glitch Fix: cant jump over the ledge in the mushroom platform of Level 5-3 (ledge too far away).
- Glitch Fix: Attack key in 'single left hand' type, with QWERTY region wasnt right (the correct is the 'Y' key). Also, 'Q and D' is wrong. The correct is 'A and D'.
- Glitch Fix: the princess was being stuck (and losing a life) after reaching the yellow pipe on 5-5.
- Glitch Fix: double princess after the usage of the finish pole (when pressing item 4 - EXIT).
- Glitch Fix: Boos werent 'stunned' for enough time after each scene, making the princess fail to run away on time.
- Glitch Fix: The 'yellow block with eyes' that grows a beanstalk, once hit, enable the princess to climb it, but the beanstalk was making her fall when its fully emerged. The problem is that the beanstalk MUST be 'climbable' ONLY when it STOPS growing from the block.
- Glitch Fix: Certain levels like the worldmap had skies 'in the dark' (black without stars).
- Glitch Fix: The princess was with a falling pose, but not really falling if she was taken in a sex scene while climbing a vine or ladder (like when Lakitu, the toad in the cloud, got her). The problem is that she was taken while climbing, so in the end of the scene, the computer thought she was still climbing, locking herself there.
- Glitch Fix: Missing the portrait of levels 'Airship 4' and 'Airship 7' (before the level starts)
- Some small corrections, like the removal of 'walking over screws' in airship 4. Now Peach needs to use the rotation platforms. Also, added mountains in the intro screen (main game menu).

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