Mori The Eldrid Saga 3D porn comic.

The game follows a young man who enjoys playing MMORPGs one day he wakes up to find he has a beta invite for a new game. Deciding to try the game out he is electrocuted during a lightning storm and finds himself teleported into the game world where he embarks on a quest to stop an evil demon lord. Throughout his quest he travels to different lands ranging from the frozen north inhabited by a viking like tribe to the woods of the elves before finally making his way through a demonic wasteland to finish his quest.
The game is called The Eldrid Sage and it is a JRPG style game with some MMORPG elements with 3DCG scenes. The game has a large collection of weapons and armor, currently 648 weapons and 677 pieces of armor. They are split into 6 tiers with common, uncommon, rare and epic variants with possibly legendary added later. I will also be adding in MMO style dungeons were you fight multiple bosses all providing a fun challenge(hopefully) and will drop epic gear. The player will be able to recruit 14 players into their party and will improve their relationship with them unlocking sex scenes as well as unique companion skills. You will be able to take on side quest on your journey through the large game world. As well as having scenes with the members of your party there will be scenes with people you meet throughout the game.
Pairings & Fetishes.
This is what is currently planned with the possibility of futa.
Demon Girl
Step sister
The current demo contains the start of the game which includes about 2 hours of gameplay. There is currently 1 voyeur scene as well as 1 sex scene.

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Decent Storyline but the actual gameplay is crap- the difficulty is so unbalanced that as your character is lvl 1.. the game has ye put against enemies 3-4 lvls higher than ye are & has 2-4 in each battle!! There's also the problem that ye can't escape the town & the more ye move around the more ye get thrown into battles when ye are trying to find a way out of the town (the obvious way out is blocked by a dead body & it can't be moved & all the other exits are either blocked off or the bridges are destroyed leaving ye trapped). This game needs some SERIOUS WORK on it. In my view- this is NOWHERE NEAR READY to be even called a demo, more like a concept because the only shown work is there the beginning graphic scene (the first 2 pictures above & the 3rd ye see walking around at first, the rest ye don't even see in the game). Not to mention the supposed sex that's to be in it IS NOT IN IT. My Advice- STAY FAR AWAY TILL THIS IS MAJORLY UPDATED.

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